What we do

At Green Shoots, we conduct rigorous research to generate leading edge shopper insights. We can help you embed these insights internally with colleagues and externally with customers.


Really inspiring and very eye opening insights. An extremely thorough exercise which will give us some fantastic areas to focus our efforts on.
Brand Director
It is incredibly exciting to have some deep insight into the category to fuel our growth plans across three big channels.
Head of Category
Green Shoots really “get” our business and the objectives of the research. They look at the piece of work through the lens of what both ourselves and the retailer are trying to achieve.
Category Leadership Controller
Overall I thought it was a fantastic piece of work. Green Shoots pitched the presentation at exactly the right level of detail. I like their style – a good mix of professional but friendly and approachable.
Sales Deployment Leader
Green Shoots were fantastic to work with! They helped guide and support us on our journey to deepening our shopper understanding to support three category strategies.
Insight Manager – Major FMCG Manufacturer
My internal clients were delighted. Best insight into our category yet! This was the first time I have used Green Shoots Research and it won’t be the last.
Senior Global Shopper & Trade Insights Manager
Thank you to the Green Shoots team; you gave us some really good insights to use in the workshop. I know deadlines were tight and money scarce but we really appreciated your 'can do' attitude & flexibility.
Partner, Global Consulting Firm

Generate Insights

Shopping is a journey; beginning with a need and ending with a purchase. Our offer covers all key stages across this path – including pre-shop drivers, missions, occasions, macro shopping trends, shop navigation, category decision making, barriers and triggers and brand context (POS, pack and promotions).

Shopping behaviour will vary from channel to channel. Our
research can cover the relationships between channels as well
as the key behaviours within each one.

More specifically we can:

  • Research in any retail space – online or in-store covering
    everything from supermarkets to airports
  • Access online, virtual, in-store and mobile research platforms
  • Utilise different technologies including eye tracking and filming
  • Provide a mixture of qualitative, quantitative and
    behavioural research
  • Tailor all research programmes to your specific needs

Embed Learning

Workshops and Immersions

Implementing shopper insight is not easy! As well as embedding it within your own business; you also need to convince your retailers to change their strategy too.

Green Shoots helps with this process through running workshops & shopper immersion sessions to maximise the ROI of your insights.


Testing insight-led solutions is vital to prove the value or otherwise of shopper initiatives.

At Green Shoots, we design a programme with KPI’s that are relevant to what you are trying to test; whether that be merchandising, POS or packaging.

We have access to online, in-store and virtual testing platforms, and will utilise the most relevant platform for your business needs.

Targeting Shoppers to Drive Growth

Inspired by the work of Byron Sharp, Green Shoots are introducing a brand new approach to shopper research that changes the way brands understand and target shoppers for growth.

Green Shoots are the first shopper research agency in the world to adopt Purchase Outcomes™ and are implementing the concept across our portfolio of solutions. We believe this marks a significant breakthrough in the way we approach understanding shopper behaviours, and will change the way brands target shoppers to drive growth.

Purchase Outcomes™ consider every purchase in the context of a shopper’s previous purchasing and identifies First, Repertoire and Regular Purchases separately for categories, sectors, brands and retailers.

Our research shows that:

  1. First Purchases drive growth.
  2. First Purchases are very different in terms of product, mission, behaviour and purchase influences.

The Purchase Outcomes™ concept has been inspired by the work of Byron Sharp and How Brands Grow. We place Sharp’s laws of growth at the front of mind when trying to understand and influence shopper behaviour. Key to our new approach is that we focus on shopper purchases rather than shoppers.

This enables brands to:

  • Target the purchases that drive growth
  • Understand how these purchases are different
  • Influence these purchases effectively

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Green Shoots are working in partnership with Barry Lemmon on Purchase Outcomes, Founder of First Purchase Research.


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